Adrienne Forshner Kinsey manipulates acrylic to mimic other materials, such as glass, concrete, and wax, and even molds it by hand into sculptural forms. She incorporates other mediums and materials with acrylic to create unique textures and dimension.

"I choose to work abstractly, on multiple paintings at once, because it enhances my own creativity and imagination. I'll often rework a painting two or three times because I love the layers of shapes and colors underneath."

Originally from Dalton, Georgia, Adrienne received eleven years of formal education in the arts, including graduation from the North Carolina School of the Arts, a BA in Studio Art from Florida State University, and a BFA with a concentration in Interior Design from the University of Georgia. When she is not creating, Adrienne offers both group classes and private art lessons in her Tannery Row Studio. The Tannery Row Artist Colony is housed in a 120 year old former leather factory in historic downtown Buford, Georgia.

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